China Energy Group Founder Dr. Mark Levine Honored with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's Lifetime Achievement Award for Societal Impact


Dr. Mark Levine, founder of China Energy Group of Lawrence Berkeley National Laobratory, has been named Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award for Societal Impact. For more detail, please visit LBNL's website.

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Cool Roofs in China Can Save Energy and Reduce Emissions


Working with Chinese researchers, the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) has conducted the first comprehensive study of cool roofs in China and concluded that they would be effective in substantially reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in climate zones with hot summers.

The team simulated both residential and office buildings in seven Chinese cities in five climate zones, evaluating energy...

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2014 U.S.-China CERC-BEE Annual Workshop Evaluates Achievement and Looks to Next Phase


The U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center Building Energy Efficiency (CERC-BEE) Consortium held its annual workshop on August 25-26 in Berkeley, California to evaluate performance of its 12 joint research projects and plan the future of the consortium after this high-profile program ends its first phase of work in 2015.

About 90 researchers, industrial partners and experts, and government officials from the U.S. and China attended this year’s...

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China Energy Group participates in the 2014 American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings


Seven China Energy Group staff members participated in the 2014 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings, with five panel presentations and two poster presentations. The ACEEE conference, held every two years in Pacific Grove, CA, is a pre-eminent meeting bringing together a diverse array of professionals focused on discussing both the technological basis and practical policy-related implementation of actions focused on reducing the energy...

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LBNL Wins Award for 40 Years of Leadership in Energy Efficiency Research and Development


The Environmental Energy Technology Division of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has been selected as one of the three winners for 2014 Champion of Energy Efficiency Awards by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE). The division is awarded for its four decades of leadership on energy efficiency R&D, helping to improve buildings technology and systems in extensive collaboration with...

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Secretary Moniz and Minister Wan Seek to Continue U.S. – China Collaborative Technology Research for Energy Efficient Buildings


In conjunction with the U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue (S&ED), U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz traveled to Beijing and met with China’s Minister of Science and Technology Wan Gang to chair the U.S. – China Clean Energy Research Center (CERC) Steering Committee Meeting on July 11, 2014. CERC, launched by President Obama and former Chinese President Hu Jintao in 2009, serves as a framework for joint research in key areas including...

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LBNL Signed a Partnership Agreement with the Shandong Academy of Science at the 2014 US-China EcoPartnerships Signing Ceremony in Beijing


As part of the U.S.-China EcoPartnerships Program and one of the activities of the Sixth U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) signed a statement of intent for cooperation with its Chinese EcoPartner, the Shandong Academy of Science (SDAS), in the 2014 U.S.-China EcoPartnerships Signing Ceremony on July 10 in Beijing, China.

Nan Zhou, the Deputy Group Leader of China Energy Group and Staff...

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US DOE Assistant Secretary David Danielson and DOE Staff Members Visited Site of China Energy Group Energy Assessment Training


On June 12th, 2014, a delegation from the U.S. Department of Energy (U.S. DOE) led by Assistant Secretary David Danielson visited the Yanshan Petrochemical Company in the Fangshan District of Beijing, the site where Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s (LBNL’s) China Energy Group and others conducted a 4-day energy efficiency assessment in 2013 demonstrating the use of U.S. DOE energy auditing methods and tools. The U.S. DOE delegation...

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LBNL’s China Energy Group participated in the 5th US-China Energy Efficiency Forum in Beijing


The Fifth U.S.-China Energy Efficiency Forum was held in Beijing, China on June 11, 2014 with opening remarks from both Dr. David Danielson, Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy within the U.S. Department of Energy, and Xei Zhenhua, the Vice Chairman of China’s National Development Reform Commission.  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s China Energy Group signed a Memorandum of Understanding with China’s Tianjin...

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China’s Largest Construction Company Visits LBNL


China’s largest construction company, the China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC), visited Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory on June 27, 2014 to explore collaboration opportunities. 

Led by CSCEC Deputy Director, Li Yungui, the delegation members were from CSCEC’s Technology Research Center that is seeking technologies that could help the company address increasing challenges facing the Chinese building sector. Vladimir...

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