Low Emission & Efficient Industry


Unlike most countries, China’s energy consumption pattern is unique because the industrial sector accounts for about 70 percent of total primary energy use. For this reason, the development path of China’s industrial sector will greatly affect future energy demand and dynamics of not only China, but the entire world. In addition, China’s industrialization relies heavily on energy-intensive industries such as the iron and steel industry, the cement industry, non-ferrous metals, etc.

The China Energy Group is working with various Chinese and U.S. government and non-government partners to gain an in-depth understanding of China's industrial sector and its energy use. It conducts technology and policy-driven analysis in order to assess the energy use in the industrial sector (or specific industrial subsectors) and the energy efficiency opportunities in different subsectors. In addition, the China Energy Group has developed various energy efficiency technology guidebooks, as well as analytical tools such as energy auditing tools, benchmarking tools, and techno-economic analysis tools. The China Energy Group works with U.S. industries to identify opportunities to introduce U.S. energy-efficiency technologies in China.

Emerging areas of research in the area of low emissions and efficient industry are: identifying emerging technologies for efficiency and emissions reduction, analyzing the co-benefits (e.g. health benefits) of energy efficiency improvement in industry, development of indicators for low emissions industrial parks, assessment of electrification opportunities for industry, identification of emissions control technologies for industry, assessment of material and water efficiency in industry, and application of distributed energy supply for industry.

Research Lead(s)