Berkeley-Tsinghua Joint Research Center

U.S. / China Collaboration

The Berkeley-Tsinghua Joint Research Center focuses on policy-relevant research to understand China’s unique and interrelated challenges of development, energy, and environment. Our operating philosophy is to create an open network of interdisciplinary researchers that can bring scientific approaches to the formidable challenge of transforming China’s energy sector, which will require both new technological and institutional solutions. 

Policies and actions that support sustainable energy in China need to be based on scientific research, including best practices and case studies from around the world. Berkeley Lab, UC Berkeley, and Tsinghua University are three of the world’s preeminent institutions undertaking research in the area of China’s energy policy. 

In addition to research, the Research Center conducts leadership training and outreach to share research results, best practices, and case studies on clean energy and climate change mitigation.


Berkeley-Tsinghua Joint Research Center on Energy and Climate Change: