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Benchmarking and Energy Saving Tool for Low Carbon Cities (BEST Cities)

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BEST-Cities is designed to provide city authorities with strategies they can follow to reduce city-wide carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) emissions. The tool quickly assesses local energy use and energy-related CO2 and CH4 emissions across nine sectors (i.e., industry, public and commercial buildings, residential buildings, transportation, power and heat, street lighting, water & wastewater, solid waste, and urban green space), giving officials a comprehensive perspective on their local carbon performance. Cities can also use the tool to benchmark their energy and emissions performance to other cities inside and outside China, and identify those sectors with the greatest energy saving and emissions reduction potential.

Another important feature of BEST-Cities is its ability to help city authorities evaluate the appropriateness of more than 70 different strategies that can reduce their city's energy use and emissions. By identifying those strategies most relevant to local circumstances, the tool helps local government officials develop a low carbon city action plan that can be implemented in phases, over a multi-year timeframe.

城市低碳发展政策选择工具(BEST-Cities)旨在帮助中国地方政策制定者和城市规划人员从城市层面有限制定二氧化碳和甲烷气体减排战略。BEST-Cities工具从9大部门(工业、公共建筑、居住建筑、交通、热力和电力、公共照明、水和废水、固体废弃物和城市绿地)快速评估地方能源消耗和能源相关二氧化碳和甲烷排放,使地方政府官员全面了解当地碳排放情况。城市可以利用本工具比较本市与国内外其他城市的节能减排绩效,确定本市 的基准,并找出节能减排潜力最高的行业。

BEST Cities工具还可以帮助市政部门排列城市各行业行动的优先顺序,并评估70多项节能减排政策战略的适宜性。BEST Cities 工具可以找出与城市具体情况最匹配的战略, 协助本地政府制定可以在多年内分阶段实施的低碳城市行动方案。


This tool was developed with the generous support of the Energy Foundation China through the Department of Energy under contract No.DE-AC02-05CH11231. We also acknowledge the significant assistance of Steve Hammer, Urban Development and Resilience Unit, World Bank, and Ben Ede, programmer. We would like to thank Ivan Jacques and Pedzi Makumbe of the World Bank's Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP). BEST Cities is partly based on a model originally developed by ESMAP known as TRACE, the Tool for the Rapid Assessment of City Energy.


BEST Cities Tool User Guide (English Version)

BEST Cities Tool User Guide (Chinese Version) 城市低碳发展政策选择工具软件用户指南

Low Carbon City Policy Databook (English Version)

Low Carbon City Policy Databook (Chinese Version) 低碳城市政策库

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Please note that the use of the BEST Cities tool is free for municipalities and related educational or research institutions, for non-commercial usage only. If you have questions, or interest in using BEST Cities for other purposes, please contact Sammi Leung.


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