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Energy Efficiency Assessment and Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Tool for the Pulp and Paper Industry (EAGER Pulp & Paper)

EAGER Pulp & Paper tool has been developed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. EAGER Pulp & Paper tool allows you to evaluate the impact of selected energy efficiency measures for the pulp and paper industry by choosing the measures that you would likely introduce in your facility, or would like to evaluate for potential use. You select the degree or share of implementation for each of the measures, and the EAGER Pulp & Paper tool will calculate the typical energy savings (electricity, fuel, final, and primary energy), CO2 emission reduction, cost, and simple payback period. The energy saving and cost data for each energy efficiency measures are typical meaning that they are based on some case-studies conducted in the pulp and paper plants around the world.

EAGER Pulp & Paper tool is designed for pulp and paper production facilities that have one or more of the following processes: Raw material preparation, Chemical Pulping- Batch digester, Chemical Pulping- Continuous digester, Chemical Pulping- Chemical Recovery, Mechanical Pulping, Repulping of Purchased Pulp & Recycled Paper Pulping, Pulp washing, Screening, and Bleaching, and Papermaking.

The techno-economic analysis for 45 energy efficiency measures for different processes in the pulp and paper production can be done using the EAGER Pulp & Paper tool.

To download the EAGER Pulp & Paper tool, please complete the download form below. To find more information and detailed description about most of the energy efficiency measures/technologies included in the EAGER Pulp & Paper tool, we refer you to the LBNL guidebook for energy efficiency opportunities in the pulp and paper industry (see Downloads below).

If you have any inquiry or technical difficulties, please contact the tool developers:

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Energy-Efficiency Improvement and Cost Saving Opportunities for the Pulp and Paper Industry

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