Guanyun Fu

Researcher, Energy Research Institute
June 2014 to December 2014

Guanyun Fu is a visiting Professor from the Energy Research Institute. Professor Fu was with the China Energy Group in 2014 during which he worked on the project “Reinventing Fire: China” in conjunction with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Focusing on the transformation sector analysis with LEAP Module.

Guanyun Fu is a researcher from the Energy Efficiency Center of the Energy Research Institute (ERI), National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). Mr. Fu is working with LBNL for a joint research named “Reinventing Fire (China)”. In this project, Mr. Fu takes part in the research on industry sector. Mr. Fu graduated from China University of Petroleum with a master’s degree in environment science. He has been working in ERI for over 4 years and finished lots of research on energy strategy and energy efficiency policies, such as “Research on low carbon urbanization in China”, “An integrated assessment of energy conservation policies and actions for top key energy-intensive enterprises initiated by local government”, “Analysis on energy conservation potential in Guangxi Province”, “Case study on energy and environment management promoting urban low carbon development, “Comprehensive effects assessment on gradually phasing out incandescent lamp, promoting CFLs”, “Assessment report on energy conservation in 11th FYP”, and “Research on energy conservation plan in 12th FYP”, among others.'