Jiang Yun

Project Director, China Energy Conservation Association
March 2011

Yun Jiang is a project director of China Energy Conservation Association, senior engineer, committeeman of Energy and Process Optimization Special Committee of China Energy Groundwork and Management Technology Standardization Committee, council member of energy conservation and enterprises energy management special committee of China Energy Research Society, PHD candidate specializes in Thermal Energy Engineering. From March to December of 2011, she does research in the China Energy Group of LBNL as a visiting researcher.  Jiang has over 15 years of experience working in the energy field. Her research focuses on industrial energy efficiency policy and energy efficiency evaluation methodology, especially on introducing Voluntary Agreements (VAs) into China by implementing VAs in industry and communications industry and then evaluating the effects of VAs. Moreover, as an expert member of drafting group, she took part in developing and revising some national standards such as General technical rules for voluntary agreement of energy conservation, General Technical Rules for Measurement and Verification Energy Savings, General technical rules for energy performance contracting, Calculating methods of energy saved for enterprise, Methods for drawing energy flow diagram of industrial enterprise.