Lingbo Kong

Ph.D. Candidate, South China University of Technology
August 2011

Lingbo Kong was a visiting lecturer from the South China University of Technology. He was at the China Energy Group from 2011 to 2012. During his visit Kong worked on the research which is aimed at identifying the opportunities of energy efficiency improvement, providing information on the energy savings and carbon dioxide emissions reduction in the pulp and paper industry.

Lingbo Kong is a Ph.D. Candidate in South China University of Technology and he is doing some research as a visiting researcher at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. His major is pulp and paper engineering. Now he is collaborating with the researchers from China Energy Group of LBNL to study and conduct researches with the purpose of improving the energy efficiency and increasing carbon mitigation in the field of pulp and paper industry in China as well as optimizing the paper-making process for paper machines.