Meng Liu

Associate Professor, China National Institute of Standardization
September 2014

Meng Liu was a visiting Professor from the China National Institute of Standardization (CNIS.) Professor Liu was with the China Energy Group in 2014. During his stay he worked to ensure the successful implementation of Asian Development Bank Technical Assistance project; Promoting energy-efficient products by strengthening the energy labeling scheme.

Meng Liu is a visiting scholar in the China Energy Group in the Environmental Energy Technologies Division at LBNL and an associate professor in the resources and environment branch of China National Institute of Standardization. He received his Ph.D from the graduate school of Chinese Academy of Sciences. His research mainly focuses on the standardization of energy system optimization in industrial sectors, distributed energy (CCHP), measurement and verification of energy savings, energy efficient household appliances, and solar energy. He is the co-author of annual publications of “White paper for the energy efficiency status of China energy-use products” since 2010. As the major researcher and project leader, he participated in or led 4 China National Key Technology Research and Development Program and dozens of national/local and international collaborative projects. He also led and participated in the development of dozens of China National Standards and ISO standards for energy system optimization for iron and steel, oil refining, measurement and verification of energy savings of projects, energy efficiency evaluation of CCHP, and material and components of solar water heaters. He was also a major researcher in the R&D of the implementation mechanism of the “Jie Neng Chan Pin Hui Min Gong Cheng” (“Benefits to the people in utilization of energy efficiency products”) subsidy program for efficient products.