Mingchao Xu

Program Manager, China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group
April 2014 to March 2015

Mingchao Xu is an energy-efficiency specialist and project manager of China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group (CECEP)-Consulting. He is also a Ph.D. student in thermo-physics from the Institute of Engineering Thermo-physics, Chinese Academy of Science. Mr. Xu’s work with LBNL’s China Energy Group focuses on the system for evaluating energy-saving technologies, an important component of “Top-Ten” projects implemented by the International Partnership of Energy Efficiency Cooperation (IPEEC) whose partners include China, American, Australia, EU and others.

Mr. Xu received a M.A from University of Science and Technology Beijing, China, and a B.S. from Inner Mongolia University of Technology on thermal engineering. Prior to his visit to LBNL, he worked as a project principal for four years for the CECEP-Consulting, a think-tank for China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). Mr. Xu completed “National Key Energy Conservation Technologies Promotion Catalogue” (Second to Sixth batch) and was in charge of assessing the energy-saving technologies applied nationwide that cover 13 sectors including coal, electric power, iron and steel, nonferrous metals, petrochemical, chemical, building material, machinery, textile, architecture, and transportation, etc. In 2013, as one of lead authors, he drafted “the Temporary Measures for the Administration of Energy Conservation and Low Carbon Technology Promotion”, which is the first measure issued by NDRC to promote energy savings and low carbon technologies.