China Energy Group Delivered Training on the BEST Cities and ELITE Tools in Shenzhen, China

September 22nd 2014

Two days after delivering a training on the China Energy Group's software tools for low carbon eco-city development in Jinan, the capital of Shandong Province, Dr. Lixuan Hong travelled to Shenzhen in southern China to give another training session on September 17.

Twenty-five experts from the local government, the private sector, and a public research university that are directly or indirectly involved in the city's international low carbon city project participated in the training workshop on the Benchmarking and Energy Saving Tool for Low Carbon Cities (BEST Cities) and the Eco and Low-carbon Indicator Tool for Evaluating Cities (ELITE Cities). The workshop participants included Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission (Shenzhen DRC), Shenzhen Institute of Building Research Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen IBR), and the School of Urban Planning and Design of Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School (PKU Shenzhen).

Li Angang, Director of Low Carbon City Planning and Construction Office of Shenzhen DRC's, said "the DRC would very much like to use to the BEST Cities tool in Shenzhen to assist with policy-making". He added that they "would also like to encourage the National Development and Reform Commission to use the tool to evaluate all of the low carbon cities that NDRC has nominated as this tool would provide a fair comparison of energy and carbon performance among participated cities." Junyue Liu, Deputy Dean of Shenzhen IBR, also expressed his strong interest in the tool, saying they "will organize a team to help local DRC learn how to use the tool even if the commission cannot provide them funding for this." Jian Dong, Program Manager from PKU Shenzhen noted that the training was very informative and the university would also like to organize a training session for the Shenzhen Land Resource Bureau.