Group Leader and Staff Scientist Lynn Price of the China Energy Group Led the Panel Discussion at the 2015 Philomathia Forum on Energy and Environment

March 19th 2015

The annual Philomathia Forum, organized by the Berkeley Energy & Climate Institute (BECI), was held March 18-19, 2015 on the campus of UC Berkeley. International experts in the ares of science and technology of energy production, smart manufacturing, policy innovations, and business leadership came to the Forum to present innovative ideas and discuss solutions to achieve energy and environmental goals, including the recent China-U.S. climate accord and California’s target of achieving 50% renewable energy production by 2030. 

Dr. He Jiankun, Professor of Tsinghua University in China and National Expert Committee on Climate Change was a keynote speaker at the Forum, giving a presentation on China’s CO2 Emission Mitigation Target and Implementation Strategy. He emphasized China’s commitment to achieve the energy, carbon, and non-fossil targets recently announced by the Chinese government.

Lynn Price, Group Leader and Staff Scientists of LBNL’s China Energy Group moderated the panel on “Pioneering Policy Solutions at International, Federal, and State Levels”, joined by experts in California’s energy policy, methane emissions regulation, Mexico’s energy development, and carbon policy in European Union. She pointed to the newly announced targets by California’s governor Brown as well as the partnership established between China and California on energy and climate, as examples of efforts of how to use policy solutions at the subnational level.

The forum was also joined by other distinguished Keynote Speakers, including John Woolard from Google and former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm.