Lily Zhao

Lily Zhao

Lily Zhao

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Ming Zhao is working as vice director and secretary general of China Energy Management Companies Association (known as EMCA) in China. She is also the Chief Editor of the monthly journal ” ESCO IN CHINA” and

Educational background:

  • BA on English Literature from China Central South University
  • MSc. on Environmental Management for Business from Cranfield University in the United Kingdom.

Working experiences range from international business, to environmental consulting and energy efficiency financing in the past decades. Now she focuses on ESCO promotion in China, including policy recommendation, planning, EE financing, EE assessment, consulting and training etc.

Works involved include but not limited to the following:

  1. China National 11th and 12th five-year plan, energy efficiency sector
  2. China National ESCO promotion policy, including fiscal reward policy, tax exemption and investment incentive policies.
  3. National training development and deliver on EE financing and ESCO business
  4. National New Strategic Industries Development - environment protection and energy conservation group
  5. China National 13th five-year plan consultation

International cooperation projects experience:

  • Project manager of High level international forum to promote ESCO development and energy efficiency financing
    • Client: The World Bank (WB) and China National Development & Reform Commission (NDRC)
    • Project features: The forum aims to disseminate the successful experience and promote South-South exchange of the market-based mechanisms for energy conservation from the ESCO model to the EE financing mechanisms in China. The Forum targets at government policy makers, ESCOs, financial institutions, large energy users and bilateral/multilateral development agencies
  • Project manager of Trainings on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Project Financing to 3 designated commercial banks in China
    • Client: AFD (French Development Agency)
    • Project features: targeting both senior and operational staffs of three banks (SPDB, China Merchant Bank, China Import & Export Bank) to improve their understandings about energy related policies and prospect of future development, relevant macro situation, development plan, incentive policies, application in industrial and buildings, and the potential cooperation model with energy service companies (ESCOs), to strengthen social and environmental responsibility and consolidate support to the energy conservation and emission reduction industry.
  • Project manager of Capacity building for motor systems energy conservation service organizations
    • Client: UNDP/GEF
    • Project features: provide technical assistance to energy service companies and centres through trainings in different cities
  • Senior expert for China Energy Conservation Promotion Project
    • Client: World Bank/GEF/NDRC
    • Project features: technical assistance to ESCOs through trainings and technical support
  • EE specialist for China ESCO development and energy efficiency financing exchange program
    • Client: Energy efficiency bureau & Thailand ESCO association
    • Project features: Technical assistant on capacity building of national policy makers and trade association.
  • Senior consultant for Introduction of Energy Efficiency Financing and ESCO business model in China
    • Client: Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Government of India
  • Project manager of China Energy Efficiency Financing Landscape Report
    • Client: Institute of Industry Productivity ( IIP)
  • Project manager of Capacity Building and ESCO communication / cooperation program
    • Client: the World Bank (WB)
    • Project features: introduce China experience and explore cooperation with Vietnam ESCOs