Process Heating Assessment and Survey Tool (PHASTEx)
(Excel Version)

PHASTEx is a modified Excel format version of The Process Heating Assessment and Survey Tool (PHAST). It is developed by E3M Inc. in collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (LBL). It is available in English and Chinese versions and posted on LBL China Group website. PHASTEx software tool is designed to improve energy efficiency and save energy for industrial heating systems. Industrial heating systems include all commonly used heating equipment such as furnaces, melters, ovens, heaters, dryers, and boilers used in industrial facilities. The PHAST and PHASTEx tools have been used in many industrial plants in the U.S. and a number of other countries to identify energy use distribution, estimate energy losses, as well as analyze potential energy savings by using commonly recommended energy saving measures.

PHASTEx is specifically designed to be used where it is necessary to consider multi component charge-load and account for a number of different areas of energy losses. Use of PHASTEx requires collection of certain critical data for the heating equipment. The required data are collected when the heating equipment is operating at typical or average production conditions. A report is generated to show various areas of energy use and the amount of energy used for each of these areas. The data are reviewed to identify possible areas of large energy use. PHASTEx can be used to analyze energy savings by applying commonly used energy saving measures. Potential energy savings with application of energy saving measures are displayed using a separate column of "modified conditions". The PHASTEx tool is a downloadable, standalone tool, and doesn’t require import and export functionalities. The users can create plant specific MS Excel files and share the results with their colleagues by sharing actual file.

Application Note

Please down load PHASTEx in the desired language and save the downloaded copy as a master file for future use. Do not make changes to the master file. Any changes made for a specific application must be saved separately to avoid any changes to the master file.


PHASTEx tool was conceived and developed by Dr. Arvind Thekdi, President E3M, Inc. with technical contributions from Dr. Sachin Nimbalkar of ORNL, Dr. Jing Ke and Ms. Hongyou Lu of LBL. Ms. Lynn Price of LBL provided valuable guidance during the development activities. Several technical experts from industrial plants in USA and China contributed to testing and use of PHASTEx which led to the current version of PHASTEx.

PHASTEx是工业加热评估工具PHAST的改进Excel版本。本工具由美国 E3M 公司橡树岭国家实验室(ORNL)劳伦斯伯克利国家实验室(LBNL) 合作开发。它有中文和英文两个版本,由劳伦斯伯克利国家实验室中国能源研究室的网站对外公布。开发本工具的目的是帮助用户提高工业加热系统能效以节约能源。工业加热系统包括所有常用的工业加热设备,如窑炉、熔炉、烤炉、加热炉、烘干炉以及锅炉等。美国和其他国家的许多工业企业已经采用PHAST和PHASTEx 工具来了解能源利用状况,测算能源消耗,以及评估采用推荐的节能措施后的节能潜力。

PHASTEx是特别为需要考虑多种不同入炉料和考虑许多不同区域能源损失而设计的。使用本工具需要收集加热设备的一些关键数据。这些数据应当在加热设备的典型的或平均生产状态运行时进行采集。本工具能够生成报告以显示各区域的能源利用状况和每个区域的能耗量。这些数据可以明确显示能耗最大的区域。本工具可以分析如果采用推荐的节能措施后对加热设备带来的节能量。节能措施以及相对应的节能潜力显示在标识为“修改状态”的单独数据列中。PHASTEx工具为单机版,可下载后单独运行,不需要额外的输入和导出。用户可创建针对某个评估工厂的Excel文件,评估结果也以Excel文件形式保存 。




PHASTEx工具由Arvind Thekdi(泰文德)博士构想和开发,他是E3M公司的负责人。本工具也获得了橡树岭国家实验室(ORNL)Sachin Nimbalkar博士、劳伦斯伯克利国家实验室(LBNL)柯晶博士和鲁虹佑女士的技术支持。劳伦斯伯克利国家实验室(LBNL)的Lynn Price(蒲思琳)女士对工具的应用给予了有价值的指导意见。多位来自美国和中国的工业技术专家也对本工具的测试和使用作出了贡献。

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