Advances and challenges in commercializing radiative cooling

TitleAdvances and challenges in commercializing radiative cooling
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsJ. F Liu, Z. Zhou, J. Zhang, W. Feng, J. Zuo
JournalMaterials Today Physics
Date PublishedJan-12-2019
Keywordsbuildings, China

Radiative cooling (RC) dissipates terrestrial heat to outer space through the atmospheric window, without external energy input and production of environmental pollutants. More and more efforts have been devoted to this clean promising cooling technology; thus diverse radiative coolers have emerged. However, the performance, cost, and effectiveness of various radiative coolers are not exactly the same. In addition, the large-scale application of RC technology is impeded by the low energy density, uncontrollable cooling power, and limited sky-facing area. Here, we critically review the recent progress of RC technology, evaluate the cooling performance of various radiative coolers, and discuss the challenges and feasible solutions to commercialize RC technology. Furthermore, valuable insights are provided to make new breakthroughs in this field.

Short TitleMaterials Today Physics