Capturing the legacy of the U.S.‐China EcoPartnerships program

TitleCapturing the legacy of the U.S.‐China EcoPartnerships program
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsCarolyn Szum
JournalEnvironmental Progress & Sustainable Energy
Date Published03/2021

Under the Ten Year Framework for Cooperation on Energy and Environment between the Governments of the United States and China, the two countries implemented a highly successful U.S.‐China EcoPartnerships program . The program helped to grow 45 U.S.‐China subnational partnerships and accelerate breakthroughs in technology and policy to achieve shared goals in clean air, clean water, and waste reduction. With the culmination of the U.S.‐China EcoPartnerships program in January 2021, this article captures the legacy of this impressive program by providing insights into its unique structure; the diverse set of projects that comprised U.S.‐China EcoPartnerships; its commercial and environmental impacts; and the lessons that can be applied to future bilateral and multilateral subnational environmental programs.

Short TitleEnviron Prog Sustainable Energy