Clark Zhou

Yong Zhou
Vice Director, China’s Shandong Institute of Science & Technology Development Strategy
(510) 495-8887

Yong Zhou is a visiting scholar in the China Energy Group, Energy Technologies Area, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and the Vice Director of China’s Shandong Institute of Science & Technology Development Strategy as well as Director of China’s Shandong Academy of Sciences Climate Change Research Center. His research focuses on low carbon economy, science and technology strategy, policy and innovation, and innovative methods (TRIZ). He led more than 40 provincial-level projects involving technological innovation and low carbon economy, among others. Highlights of some of the projects are as follows:

  1. Cooperated with Oxford University in the project "Moving to a Low-Carbon Economy under Different Economic Circumstances", which was supported by the British government Strategic Program Fund within the framework of strategic cooperation between British and China.
  2. As the project leader of the China side, undertook the project "China Future City Low Carbon Transportation", which was supported by the Oxford University Future Urban special fund.
  3. Worked as the subject director of a Shandong scientific research plan (soft science) named "Shandong Low-Carbon Economy Development Path Selection and Policy Orientation Research".
  4. As a general technical director, cooperated with the Shandong development and reform commission to develop greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) inventory of Shandong province. This was the most fundamental work in response to Shandong’s commitment to GHGs reduction and climate change.
  5. Completed the soft science project "Innovative Provinces Connotation, Evaluation System and Countermeasure Research" funded by China’s Ministry of Science and Technology.
  6. Led the project of "Shandong Energy Resources Environmental and Economic Model of Quantitative Analysis Research", an earlier research project associated with China’s 12th Five-Year-Plan and funded by the Environmental Protection Ministry of China.

Awards and patents:

  • Expert with Special Allowances of the Central People’s Government (State Council) of China
  • Outstanding Scientist of Shandong Province (2011)
  • The Ten Lead Scholars of Low Carbon Economy of Shandong Province (2010)