Stephanie Ohshita

Stephanie Ohshita
Associate Professor, University of San Francisco
Visiting Faculty
(510) 495-8010

Stephanie Ohshita is a Visiting Faculty in the China Energy Group, Energy Technologies Area, of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Dr. Ohshita holds an SB in Chemical Engineering from MIT, a research certificate in Chemical and Environmental Engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology, and an MS and PhD in Environmental Engineering and Policy from Stanford University. She joins LBNL from the University of San Francisco, where she is Associate Professor of Environmental Science and Director of the Environmental Management graduate program. Dr. Ohshita’s work centers on energy-based solutions to multiple environmental problems—from local air pollution to global climate change—and combines engineering with tools from political economy and organizational theory. Her research spans China, Japan, the U.S. and California, examining the design and implementation of energy and environmental policy; emissions inventories and climate action plans; international cooperation; diffusion of clean technology and management practices; and the shift from risk assessment to sustainability. At LBNL, Dr. Ohshita is working on industrial energy efficiency; energy and climate policy; target allocation; low-carbon cities; and strategies for saving energy and carbon through structural change of the economy.




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