Wei Feng

Wei Feng
Principal Scientific Engineering Associate
(510) 486-5156

Wei Feng is a Pr. Scientific Engineering Associate at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL). His research focuses on building energy efficiency, distributed energy system in buildings and communities, building codes and standards. He also actively work on Smart Grid and microgrid research, Direct Current (DC) power use in low voltage power distribution system.

Dr. Feng has been working in energy area since 2003. Prior to joining LBNL, he worked in control industry in China focusing on building system control for energy efficiency, performance measurement, diagnosis and commissioning. In the U.S., his previous research interests include developing combined heat, moisture and pollutant transport models for whole building performance analysis, built environment modeling and simulation, indoor environmental quality measurement, etc.

Dr. Feng currently leads the DC power research in the U.S.-China Clean energy Research Center-Building Energy Efficiency (CERC-BEE). He is also the lead of building codes and standards work in CERC-BEE. His active research also include modeling building sector energy use in cities; City scale energy simulation focusing on stochastic energy use prediction; Microgrid modeling focusing on cascade waste heat utilization; GIS based microgrid system modeling; Microgrid demonstration project performance analysis; Better Building China program; Low Carbon demonstration building and testing facility development in hot climate.




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