Urban Form Rapid Assessment Model (Urban-RAM)

The Urban-RAM modeling tool is an Excel-based macros-enabled model designed to provide a high-level breakdown of the major contributors to a city's energy and carbon footprint when measured from the point of view of the city's inhabitants. This model asks users to provide city-level data on basic macroeconomic factors (GDP, households, population), residents' income and expenditures, building floorspace and building types, infrastructure (road, rail, subway length) and vehicle fleet to characterize a given city but also provides national average data as default.

Based on a synthesis of data and life-cycle modeling approaches from both US and China sources, this model enables a quick assessment of the magnitude and sources of a city's energy and carbon footprints with minimal data requirement. This modeling tool is intended to help urban planner, policymakers and researchers quickly understand the underlying drivers of a city's energy and carbon footprint by calculating the city's embodied and operational energy and related emissions as well as common energy and CO2 indicators.

By allocating both embodied (energy used in production and transport of goods and services) and operational (current use of energy) to the various functions of city residents, such as living, commuting, shopping, or working, it is possible to understand better the drivers of urban emissions growth and areas of possible policy intervention. It also enables scenario playing to assess area of opportunity for reducing energy and carbon footprint on a localized city level.

To download the Urban RAM tool, please complete the download form below. To find more information on the tool, please see the Urban RAM User Manual (available only in Chinese) at the Downloads below.

NOTE: If user runs the Chinese version of the tool on a computer with English operating system (such as Microsoft Windows 7), the user needs to change the system locale to Chinese (i.e., Control Panel -> Region and Language -> Administrative -> Change system locale, Chinese-simplified, PRC) in order to use the tool properly; otherwise, the user will get an error message and the tool will not work properly. If the user’s computer is already running a Chinese version of the operating system, it is usually not necessary to make such changes.

请注意:如果用户计算机运行的是英文版的视窗操作系统(例如微软视窗版本7),使用中文版的工具之前,请先将计算机系统区域设置改换成中文(步骤:控制面板->地区和语言->系统管理->改变系统区域设置: 中文(简体中文,中华人民共和国)),本工具才能正确运行;否则在运行过程中会出现错误提 示,该工具也无法正常 运行。如果用户使用的 视窗操作系统本身就是中文版的,通常不需要改变系统的区域设置。


Urban RAM User Manual (Chinese version)

Urban-RAM Tool Download Form

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