Wenjing Yi

Assistant Professor, Energy Research Institute
January 2013 to January 2014

Wenjing Yi was a visiting Professor with the China Energy Group from 2013-2014. During her stay Professor Yi did a cooperation study with LBNL on the project of Reinventing Fire industrial section.

Wenjing Yi is an assistant professor from the Energy Research Institute (ERI) of National Development and Reform Commission, China. After receiving her Ph.D. from the Institute for Policy and Management, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ms Yi focuses her research on policy analysis concerning energy-efficiency improvement and low carbon development in the transportation and industry sectors. Since joining ERI two year ago, she has participated in projects that include Reinventing Fire: China, Strategic Study of Low Carbon Development in China’s Transportation Sector, Low Carbon and Green Development of Cities in China, as well as Mechanism and Policies for Closing down Outdated Production Capacity in China’s Industrial Sector. Areas of Specialization: Policy Analysis on Energy Efficiency and Low Carbon Development for Transportation and Industrial Sectors