Since 1988, the China Energy Group has combined our unique capabilities and expertise to work with government policy-makers and government institutes, non-governmental organizations, universities, and businesses in the U.S., China, and around the world. The China Energy Group has formed significant partnerships with groups in China and elsewhere to:

  • help U.S. governments ¬†and international community to understand the dynamics of energy use in China
  • strengthen capabilities of Chinese institutions to promote the use of energy efficiency technologies and policies
  • enhance relationships on energy efficiency among Chinese, U.S., and international institutions

Our collaborators bring a depth of experience and on-the-ground knowledge. When connecting with a U.S. national laboratory, collaborators tap into world-class research teams and relationships with industry and policy-makers to work on specific technical topics.

Collaboration with the China Energy Group through international projects and less formal means provides a wide variety of unique benefits:

  • Exchange of information relating to a particular topic or area of research
  • Visits and exchanges of researchers and experts
  • Joint publications
  • Collaborative research
  • Other

Collaboration also extends to our capacity to educate and train the next generation of researchers and highly skilled, knowledgeable professionals. Click here to learn about our Visiting Scholar Program.