Xingkai Ge

Senior Engineer, Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd. Central Academe
October 2015 to October 2021

Xingkai Ge received his M.E. in Electrical Engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China. While in college, he specialized in the power system field. He had partaken in many projects about the power distribution system planning and design, micro-grid planning theory, and so on.

After graduation, he joined the Central Academe of Shanghai Electric Group, which is a comprehensive equipment manufacturing group. In the department of distributed energy application, he concentrated on the research of distributed energy system. He participated in building the micro-grid system in the academe and thereafter, he was in charge of operating it. On the basis of this system, he had made multiple studies about the distributed energy system application. He contributed in developing the distributed energy system planning, optimization and design software.

His great interest in distributed energy motivates his current work on the theory and application aspects of the system.