Ye Tao

Associate Research Fellow, Energy Research Institute
June 2014 to December 2014

Ye TAO received his PH.D and Master’s degree in energy system engineering from Northwestern Polytechnic University. Tao joined the Energy Research Institute (ERI) of China’s National Development and Reform Commission since 2009 and is currently an associate research fellow in ERI. His research focuses on economic assessment and policy research of renewable energy in China that involves development strategy, planning, policy and law. With such expertise, Tao also involved in many national-level projects either as the project lead or as a member of the research team. Example projects include: Feasibility Study of Renewable Energy Portfolio Share in China; Co-Benefits of Renewable Energy Applications in China; Establishing a scientific tariff-setting mechanism for China’s renewable energy; Incentive Policies for Grid Integration of Renewable Power Generation Systems; External evaluation index system of Renewable Energy in China; Related Policies for Integration of wind power Generation in Northwest China Region; Supportive Policy for Integration of Large-scale Renewable Energy Power Generation in China; China’s National Renewable Energy Economic Research platform; 2050 China Wind Energy Technology Roadmap Technical; China’s Wind Power Development Planning towards Year 2030; Major issues of Renewable Energy in 12th five-year Planning Period; Management Approach of Development renewable energy quota targets and allocation; Implementation Mechanisms of Renewable energy quota system policy; and Chinese renewable energy industry guidance. He has numerous publications on the topics explored in the aforementioned projects.