Yisheng Liu

Construction Management Department Head & Professor, Beijing Jiaotong University
January 2015

Yisheng Liu is the Director of Low-carbon Research & Education Center and Department Head, Department of Construction Management, Beijing Jiaotong University. Mr. Liu was a visiting Professor with the China Energy Group in 2015. During his stay Professor Liu served as a senior advisor on China Energy Group’s current Building Energy Efficiency research projects including target definition of zero energy building (ZNE) roadmap and related policies development.

Yisheng Liu is the Department Head for Construction Management and a Professor at the Beijing Jiaotong University School of Economics and Management. Additionally, he serves as Associate Director for the Low-carbon Research & Education Center in Beijing, China.

Professor Liu's areas of research include construction management, construction enterprise management, and project management, as well as green building and sustainable development.

The courses taught by Professor Liu are Construction Project Management and International Construction Project Management.