China Energy Databook

China Energy Databook
Reliable and accurate data are critical to good analysis for policy and business. In 1992, we released the first edition of the China Energy Databook, acknowledged to be the most comprehensive and authoritative sourcebook of its kind. We have continued revising and expanding the database, currently in its 9th edition.

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We are currently distributing the China Energy Databook v. 9.0, a comprehensive electronic version. The Databook consists of two products. The first is a fully relational database of national and provincial energy balances, plus detailed sectoral energy end-use tables, developed in Microsoft Access, containing over 120,000 data points. The second is a set of several hundred tables and figures in Microsoft Excel and PDF formats, organized into ten chapters, including extracts from the database and standalone spreadsheets containing data that can not be treated on a relational basis. The data series cover available information from 1949. Most data are updated through 2014.

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