Berkeley Lab Discusses California’s Movement to Net Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) at the 5th Workshop of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Nearly/Net Zero Energy Program

November 10th 2017

On September 5th, Carolyn Szum, China Energy Group Program Manager, delivered a presentation entitled, “California’s Movement to NZEB: Title 24,” to 40 building energy efficiency experts from 11 APEC economies (Australia, Canada, Chile, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, Russia, Thailand, and the United States) at the 5th Workshop of the APEC Nearly/Net Zero Energy Program in Honolulu, Hawaii. The presentation described California Energy Commission’s (CEC) incremental path to achieve net zero energy (NZE) residential buildings by 2020 and NZE commercial buildings by 2030 through a range of policy measures, including the gradual increase in stringency of California’s building energy code: Title 24. The presentation was part of APEC’s NZEB Roadmap Study, which has brought together hundreds of experts from APEC economies since 2013 to establish a harmonized roadmap to accelerate the uptake of NZEBs within the region; identify a flexible approach to achieve NZEB in all APEC climate zones; and prioritize a list of policy and technology recommendations for APEC economies.