China Energy Group Participates in Inaugural International Workshop for Asia Energy Efficiency Program and Policy Evaluation

October 16th 2015

The inaugural 2015 International Workshop for Asia Energy Efficiency Policy and Program Evaluation was held on October 13-14, 2015 in Beijing. For China and other rapidly developing countries in Asia, evaluation can play a key role in informing policy design, measuring the impact of various energy policies and programs and improving implementation and future development. Leading international evaluation experts, including the founders of the U.S. and European International Energy Program (and Policy) Evaluation Conference, organized this workshop with the China National Institute of Standardization (CNIS) to explore the possibility of initiating a regional impact evaluation conference to build and expand the evaluation community in Asia.

The opening keynote by the National Development and Reform Commission highlighted China’s recent policy evaluation efforts in evaluating provinces’ performance in completing their energy intensity reduction targets, the Top 10,000 Industry program and incentive programs for energy service companies. Keynote speakers including CNIS Director Ling Lin and Energy Research Institute researcher Cong Yu recognized the China Energy Group’s nearly twenty-years of collaboration on China’s appliance efficiency standards and labeling programs and Top 10,000 policy evaluation efforts. Ed Vine, a staff scientist with LBNL’s International Energy Studies group and long-time China Energy Group collaborator, also gave a keynote introducing program evaluation.

Nina Khanna, a Principal Research Associate with the China Energy Group, gave a presentation on developing an evaluation framework for China’s standards, labeling and incentive programs in the afternoon session on international practices in evaluation. She discussed the current data availability and limitations in China for conducting impact evaluations, and proposed three possible evaluation frameworks based on different data and resource availability and timeframes.

The International Workshop for Asia Energy Efficiency Policy and Program Evaluation brought together international energy and evaluation experts from around the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the International Energy Agency, the Asian Pacific Energy Research Center, as well as Chinese policymakers, researchers, and representatives from non-governmental organizations, private consulting sector, and industry trade associations. The two-day workshop featured keynote presentations introducing evaluation frameworks, international experience with conducting evaluations and China’s latest developments with energy policies and evaluation.