Microgrid Symposiums

Microgrids slid into the mainstream around 2007, when some survey articles began to appear in the trade press. There had already been Microgrid Symposiums in Berkeley, Montreal, and Nagoya, with Kythnos planned for 2008. This pattern established then has endured. The Symposiums follow a rough rotation around the three main world regions, The Americas, Asia, and Europe. Speakers and chairing of sessions are organized by the regional representatives of a 17 member International Steering Committee, with a temporary Local Organizing Committees raising funding for logistical costs and taking care of all those pesky details. Because of this low cost structure and the generosity of sponsors, the Symposium is offered without a registration fee by-invitation-only, and all attendees, including speakers, cover their own travel expenses. The Symposiums are small (100-125 attendees), and fiercely informal. A minimum of time is spent on formalities, and a maximum on interaction and networking.