jingdong He

Jingdong He
Deputy Division Chief, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Guest Scientist
(510) 542-7422

As the Deputy division Chief, the bureau of major R&D programs, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), I’m mainly responsible for scheming, organizing and managing the R&D programs in the energy field in CAS, which include more than 100 research institutes and 100 thousands researchers. I managed more than 40 programs focused on clean coal technology, renewable energy technology, and energy store technology. For example, the "Strategic Priority Research Program" of CAS - Key technologies and demonstration for cleaning and highly efficient conversion of low rank coal, is the biggest program on clean coal technology in china, which budget is over 160 million dollars. Meantime I also was responsible for the energy strategy study in CAS. I drew up energy 13th five-year plan of CAS and scheme of the national laboratory of clean energy.