Green Resources & Energy Analysis Tool (GREAT)


Green Resources & Energy Analysis Tool (GREAT) for Cities helps local governments to explore and identify potential energy and emission reduction opportunities and to create action plans for low carbon development. The GREAT Tool for Cities is an integrated bottom-up, energy end-use based modeling and accounting tool for tracking energy consumption, production and resource extraction in all economic sectors on a city, provincial or regional level. The model uses the Long-range Energy Alternatives Planning System (LEAP) software developed by the Stockholm Environmental Institute and includes a national average dataset on energy input parameters for residential, commercial, transport, industry and agriculture end-use sectors.

The model also includes a separate energy transformation module with specific power sector parameters such as installed generation capacity. Users such as energy policy analysts and researchers can customize the model to a given city or region by entering detailed actual and/or projected end-use stock, energy intensity and fuel share data points (where available) for technologies within each sector. The user-friendly interface then allow users to assess current and future key energy and carbon emissions drivers in detail from the perspectives of economic sectors, end-use technologies and fuels. GREAT helps local governments to complete the following goals/milestones: develop the city's GHG inventory; generate a future energy and emission projection baseline; generate scenarios; evaluate the impact of different policies; help to set target and develop action plans; and allocate targets.

Note: The GREAT tool runs on the Stockholm Environment Institute's Long-range Energy Alternative Planning System (LEAP) software, which needs to be downloaded and installed separately for the GREAT tool to open and run. GREAT can be viewed using a free version of the LEAP evaluation software, but a license for LEAP is needed to edit and use the GREAT tool.

  • The LEAP software can be downloaded from here by creating a free user account.
  • The LEAP license can be purchased from here for a fee depending on user type, but is free for qualifying users in developing countries.

To download GREAT Tool, please fill out the GREAT Download Form. For information on how to use the tool, please see the GREAT Tool User Manual (available only in Chinese).

Research Areas: 
Develop the city’s GHG inventory, scenario generation on future energy and emission, evaluate the impact of different policies, help to set target and develop action plans and target allocation
City policy makers, city planners, city managers
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