About the LBNL China Energy Group Visiting Scholar Program

The LBNL China Energy Group (CEG) Visiting Scholar Program hosts professionals, scholars, and researchers from China, the US, and around the world to work on topics related to energy and energy efficiency in China.

Visiting researchers are chosen strategically by the China Energy Group’s Visiting Scholar Committee and typically come from government entities, research institutes, universities, industrial enterprises, trade associations, or other organizations that the China Energy Group has collaborated with, seeks to collaborate with on projects of mutual interest. The visiting researchers are expected to possess and demonstrate high proficiency in the skills of mutual interest to the China Energy Group.

Visiting researchers are also expected to have basic English proficiency sufficient for day-to-day communication, a background in energy and/or energy efficiency, with demonstrated relevant research and/or publication experience. Visiting researchers are also expected to identify both a proposed China Energy Group staff person as host, and to propose a relevant research project as part of their application process.  

Visiting scholars commit to a period of at least three months and up to one year. Research projects may be granted an extension, based on mutual agreement by both parties. The prospective visiting researcher is also expected to secure funding from Chinese sources to support her/his expenses for the duration of this assignment.

Prospective applicants should contact Sammi Leung ([email protected]) for further information and instructions. Ms. Leung will conduct an initial intake, and then put the candidate in touch with the appropriate member of the China Energy Group to identify the degree to which there are common interests between the applicant and the China Energy Group, prior to application submission. Applications are accepted throughout the year, and will typically be acted upon shortly after receipt by LBNL.

Click here to view a list of our current and past visiting scholars.